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Jan 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
whether part of the harbor should remain public. >>> former president george h. w. bush is back home tonight after spending nearly two months in the hospital. the 88-year-old would you describe released today from methodist hospital in houston where he was admitted november 23rd. he was being treated for bronchitis and other issues. doctors say his condition is improving and he will continue physical therapy at home. mr. bush is the nation's oldest-living president. >>> there's a dramatic new twist tonight in one of hollywood's most mistierous deaths. a coroner's report released today reveels actress natalie wood had bruised and scratches on her face and arms that may have occurred before her death. wood was on a yacht with her husband robert waggoner and actor christopher watt kins back in 1981. officials changed wood's death certificate to include last year undetermined factors causing her death. >>> the child of prince william and the duchess of cambridge is due in july. kate middle ton 's health is improving. she pent several days in the hospital last month. the child will be thi
Jan 16, 2013 11:30pm PST
that president obama did not do what president george h.w. bush did after a school massacre in stockton in 1989. president obama did not use his authority to block the import of weapons that where not generally recognized for sporting purposes. >>> interior secretary, ken salazar the latest secretary to announce he is leaving the obama administration. he plans to step down in march to return to his home in colorado. president obama released a statement praising salazar on his work, saying he helped expand the development of domestic energy resources, while also protecting water, land, and wildlife. >>> actor conrad bane has died at the age of 89. many remember him from tv's "diff'rent strokes." >> i adopted willis and arnold, because they're great kids, and i love them. >> he played the kindly white man who adopted two young african american brothers. the nbc show debuted in 1978, and was one of several comedies that dealt with social issues. he had a long career in television, as wells a on stage and in film. >>> too many phones. not enough numbers. the latest local area code running out, and
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2